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Life Skills for Adoptees

Adoptees experience complexities of grief, relationship, and identity in incredibly complex and unique ways.  Having another adoptee walk with you  unpack your experience of adoption, identify your goals, and support your unique adoption experience is the most valuable gift you can give yourself. 

Find out how an adoptee-to-adoptee program can help by scheduling a free discovery call with me below!


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Rae, a domestic adoptee and adoptee coach offering adoption therapy for adoptees entering birth family reunion

I'm glad you're here! My name is Rae. I'm a domestic U.S. adoptee, adopted from the foster care system when I was three years old. I spent my whole life trying to be "someone else's child" until my world crashed around me as a senior in college. I was not succeeding while wearing that mask. I was lost. Confused. Unsure what I was experiencing or why things just didn't seem to 'work'. I wanted to self-destruct! When I sought support, the nuances of adoption were rarely addressed. I had never learned how to voice my experience as an adoptee. After college I entered reunion with my biological mother. As our relationship blossomed, there was still so much I couldn't understand. Over time, it became apparent: Adoptees need adoptees.

I hold a high ethical standard for providing meaningful non-clinical support to adoptees looking to own their experience and re-orient themselves.   

I'm here to help adoptees move from surviving to thriving by working with you to build skills and reclaim your voice as an adoptee. As a fellow adoptee, I share knowledge, resources, and skill-building exercises to ensure you can flourish as your most authentic self. As your coach, I celebrate your voice and push you to explore your experience in new and healing ways. Together, we ensure you have the resources you need to reclaim your identity and achieve your goals. You can keep track of my most recent work on Instagram, @adoptee_reclaimed.

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Client Testimonials

I instantly felt it was a more open space because Rae is also an adoptee and I was immediately able to get to that level of comfort and rapport. It's like subconsciously a switch went off. I didn't have to be careful of what not to share or how to say something because the adoptee experience was shared. It was helpful to have an adoptee perspective and take the barrier off that I usually have with other people. I felt that automatic adoptee connection.




International Adoptee | Private Coaching Client

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