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Therapists help you unpack your past, while a coach helps you build your future. Your coach is a partner and cheerleader in your healing journey, providing action-based support, focusing on skills that can help you achieve the life you want and sharing conversations that can enact change. Your conversations are action-focused and do not deal with clinical mental health issues like depression or anxiety.

A recovery coach does not carry the certifications and license of a clinical mental health care professional, and does not diagnose or treat mental health conditions. A coach is not a substitute for clinical mental health care and cannot assist with mental health emergencies, but your coach can help you find an adoption-competent provider in your area!

A Recovery Coach walks with you

From your first meeting to your last, your recovery coach develops goals with you to help you achieve the confidence and skills you need to thrive on your own.  Weekly sessions, shared experiences and take-home assignments are part of a customized regiment designed to help you develop self-awareness, plan and implement action, and walk the healing journey with a trusted partner. 

A Recovery Coach aims for client-led strategic success

The complex pain and grief from adoption doesn't disappear. Moving forward requires integrating your awareness with action.  Your recovery coach is a valuable partner who will help you identify the most valuable resources and develop a strategic plan for the journey you are on - so you can move from surviving to thriving.

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