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Preparing for Reunion

Reunion. Loss and rejection. Newfound relationships. Frustration. Discovery. There is a lot to prepare for before ever starting to search.  Navigating the world of a reunited biological family is incredibly delicate and will introduce a lot of complexity to your life. Working with your recovery coach, you can prepare yourself for reunion or work out your ongoing relationship with your biological family. Together, we can confront changing relational dynamics and ensure you are maintaining your boundaries with all involved. 


Example project my clients might work towards: 

  • Exploring hidden assumptions they have about a potential reunion

  • Preparing themselves for rejection or reunion

  • Clarifying their personal goals and objectives for the reunion process

  • Planning a first contact meeting

  • Communicating needs around reunion with other people in their life

Searching for Biological Family

If you are ready to search, it is helpful to have someone walk alongside you. Your coach will assist you as you search for adoption records, complete a DNA test or request your original birth certificate to uncover vital clues to your genetic origins. 

Example projects my clients might work towards: 

  • Exploring their heritage of origin

  • Seeking adoption records

  • Researching Biological Family 

  • Contacting DNA matches

  • Composing a 'first contact' letter to biological family members

Post-reunion Support

Maybe you sent a letter or completed a DNA test and the results have left you feeling overwhelmed. There is a lot of joy, hope, sorrow, and grief that can come up all at once when your biological family is contacted. You deserve a grounding presence as you process through this. 


Example project my clients might work towards: 

  • Re-grounding after reunion

  • Building strong boundaries with family

  • Celebrating new relationships and pacing the reunion process

  • Processing loss of biological family and seeking adoptee-competent grief counseling

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