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Leaving the Adoption


'Leaving the fog' is something every adoptee will confront sooner or later.  The experience can feel chaotic, realizing your entire identity has been built around an existence adoption has created. Sometimes it take a recovery coach who has been through it before to ensure a balanced approach. Your coach can accompany you as you evaluate your experience as an adoptee for the first time and rediscover yourself.

Example projects my clients might work towards: 

  • Building their adoption narrative

  • Learning about the impacts of adoption

  • Overcoming people-pleasing

  • Leading the conversation around their adoption experience with confidence

Renewing Careers

Who are you? What are you good at? What gives your life meaning? Careers are notoriously challenging for adoptees. Without family similarities and career guidance, navigating professions and identifying passions often feels incredibly overwhelming. The professional world is even more daunting when paired with adoptee wounds. Partnering with a recovery coach can help you gain new insights on your passions and help you identify the pursuits that matter to you. 

Example project my clients might work towards: 

  • Researching careers of interest or fields of study

  • Reworking resume/cover letters

  • Navigating a promotion or change of duties at work

  • Managing relationships with supervisors and coworkers

  • Crafting a business plan to start their own business

Finding Belonging

Finding belonging can be really difficult for adoptees as we move forward and build our own families and communities. We may wonder where we really belong, who we really want to be, and what we really need in friendships and relationships. Having a coach and fellow adoptee alongside you can help tremendously. Your coach helps you explore new ideas and work towards goals. This can be invaluable as your coach celebrates your journey and pushes you to find the people and places that really fit you.

Example projects my clients might work towards: 

  • Deconstructing your current lifestyle to find what fits and what doesn't

  • Identifying an adoptee-friendly support system

  • Rebuilding personal interests and defining a preferred lifestyle

  • Setting and achieving goals for personal or professional development

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