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Regain Control

Is something wrong with you? Why can't you stop thinking about it? Do you need help? Substance and behavior dependence often starts off harmless enough, but quickly spirals out of control. Adoptees are prone to addictive behaviors, and need specialized support to regain control of their life again. That's where a recovery coach comes in. A firm but encouraging presence helps you identify the skills and pitfalls in your recovery journey.

Example projects my clients might work towards: 

  • Recounting addiction journey

  • Understanding the addiction cycle

  • Identifying problem spots

  • Strengths and weakness analysis


the Cycle

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Staying sober is hard. The obsessive thoughts and intense cravings sneak up when you least expect it. Having a recovery coach on hand to help you identify the addiction cycle creeping up on you is an important asset. Together, you and your coach will be able to find healthy alternatives to help you rebuild yourself after addiction. 

Example projects my clients might work towards: 

  • Interrupting obsessive patterns that lead to use

  • Building habits for health and happiness

  • Developing a healthy support network

  • Finding healthy 'substitutes'

Build a roadmap

Leaving addiction behind seems absolutely impossible, especially if you have nowhere to go. Finding a partner who can help you identify passions and purpose to work towards is crucial to staying on the sober path. Your coach will work with you to identify your skills, bolster against your weaknesses and encourage you to pursue something that truly makes you feel alive. 

Example projects my clients might work towards: 

  • Developing a vision board

  • Creating a career plan

  • Implementing a Family and Friends recovery plan

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